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FINAL mockups!:
cover2.jpg cover2.jpg
cover2.jpg back2.jpg
back2.jpg back2.jpg



ROUND 4 and a half:
cover2.jpg back2.jpg
Bigger type on back and slightly blue sky/olive wave on front (2 of Dave Freeman's suggestions).

A new rough look for the credits part of the liner notes. Tune list still being worked on:

(above right shows where glue falls under cd tray (won't be a dark splotch, but may distort photo).

ROUND 4: Incorporating TC's changes via Dick:
cover2.jpg back2.jpg

cover.jpg cover2.jpg

ROUND 2: Now with Color!
cover.jpg cover2.jpg

EVEN MORE ROUND 2: A very rough look at the liner notes
bios.jpg credits.jpg trackdetails.jpg
FYI, without hand-tinting:
2.jpg 4.jpg 3.jpg
(Copy will fit better when edited, hopefully...)
Critters for initial capital letters still to come (once copy is more final).

AND FINALLY ROUND 2: The Complete Package (Draft!)

Here's a quickie mockup of one of the old record labels:

LOOK #1: "The Wave"
The wavy lines represent a creek, a stringed instrument, or mountaintops and give a sense of movement (to go with "Fast as Time...")
The wave shape is a bit modern but next to the other cues (sepia photos, etc.) should still read as old time--just old time that was recorded in 2005.
The font and wavy text is inspired by oldtimey ads and labels (see example).

LOOK #2: "In Stitches"
Thread stitches could serve as subtle borders and spruce up an otherwise straightforward design.
Quilts are of course regionally related...but the stitches doesn't have to read as a quilt or as particularly "girly" (there are many different kinds of stitches to try).
The sizes and shapes of areas bordered by stitches could vary--this would be an interesting way to break up the otherwise dense text.

LOOK #3: "Creek Critters"
Type customized with critters, who could be carried throughout the design...
I won't flesh this out unless you like it as a direction because it would take some work to integrate it with the photos...
but it could be quite unique and would incorporate the whimsy you may be looking for.
Each band member could have an animal associated with them since there are 4 letters?

I favor "Not Mary Kate," a nice, free, old-timey font. But here's a couple alternatives (don't own them so prices are listed).
Hensler ($29.50):
Not Mary Kate (free):
Billhead ($69):